Our services include  Business Growth Coaching Consultanting and Mentoring by Margie Blackmon our CEO who offers a simple way to start a  build and grow a business in 90 days. She will coach current business owners using the best business and marketing strategies.

We  focus on business growth, achieving goals, business development, advertising, marketing, Financial Management, and Service Done For You  We are helping you " pursue your passion"

  • Our Mega Training  Package 
  • Business Growth Coaching
  • Develop Business Qualities
  • Marketing Skills
  • Create New  Business n  products &  Ideas,
  • Joint Venture partners 
  • Partnership Giving & Receiving Feedback
  • Team CultureTeam Building
  • Effective Marketing 

Our Programs 

Executive  Business Coaching

Business -Group Coaching

Business Builders Group Program

Business Pan

Marketing Plan 
Mobile Marketing 

Entrepreneur's Coaching 

Web Services Done For You

Seed Money Project  

Business Group  Coaching

Business Online Coaching

Business Membership


 Business Builders  Training offers Benefits, Resources, Tools & Business Strategies
We are a business membership, professional with ideas and dreams, We also help you build your future organization, nonprofits business or create a product. We provide real business growth strategies. Tips, tools, informational products, software reviews, and resources that will help you develop, grow, succeed and make a profit













We are a group of business professionals experts who are very talented and dedicated people, providing business education,  network live-events, professional business services Including coaching and mentoring. 
We offer business solutions, and the newest ways to help your business organization .idea and dreams develop into real business growth. 


 Business Circle Directory is Getting TheWord Out 

We are connecting people with business and building business relationships.   Creating your local marketing campaign.   Advertise your local business get the word out  Business Circle online business directory offers local business promotions.You can reach local consumers when they make a buying decision.


Business Circle business advertising and marketing plan are very effective because it places your business ads, banners and information on pages relevant to your business, we targeted customers both by category and location. Business Circle is unique because we promote information about business, service, products, and events posting in varies directories local sites, social media  We provide direct marketing for our with an advance PACKAGE.


Business Circle Directory will focus on the benefits of your business service or product in varies local marketing media. The marketing will include social media marketing. Business Circle blog, SEO, SEM  PPC, PPP, get listed, com, Power Listings, Craig lists and ebay.com classified .and over 30 directories  


Additionally, Business Circle website will promote in over 30 directories placing your ads with us allows you to get in front of the competition with highly visible placement above your completion. Business Circle  Directory helps you better target customers who are looking for your service product or what you sell.  


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