We believe "Running a small business without a plan is a lot like driving without directions If you fail to plan, plan to fail" 

"A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether." Roy H. Williams.  Coaching  Consulting  and Mentoring  offers simple ways to start a business , build and grow a business in 90 days.  Our   coaches are business owners and used their best business strategies

  Our services will focus on business growth ,achieving goals, business development , advertising, grants  marketing, Financial Management and Service Done For You .A successful person will give you confidence to pursue your goal and will not tell you something you want to do can not be done or laugh at your ideas because successful people are attracted to big ideas and big challenges.

Jerry Bruckner


Plan is your specific steps to accomplish your goal.

Jerry Bruckner


Margie Blackmon ,  

 Professional Growth Coach ( BBC2C)

Founder & President,  BusinessBuilders City 2City  LLC, Corporate Adviser Public school founder and leader 

​Margie has several years of business mentoring, coaching and consulting; she uses her ability to help individuals reach their goals and full potential. She helped many educators increase their knowledge and pursue their passions.  


  She believes that personal and business growth is an essential process of a successful business.  As an entrepreneur and Business Growth Coach, she offers, online business training. Her expertise is online business development, effective marketing, promotion advertising, business growth and creating multiple income streams. Margie is currently a member of Global Empowerment Ministries , and Business Master mind in Detroit,  


 She is also a part of Micro Mentor, which is an online service that connects small business owners around the world with mentors.   



She provides weekly mentoring, by offering entrepreneurs one-on-one advice to help build successful businesses.

Grants: Margie has several years leading an educational grant writing team. They were the recipients of several grants, includes The Beaumont Grant $80k, The after School grant 800k. Federal grant5- year grant, E- rate technology 300k and Title 1 grants and together with staff manage a yearly budget of over 3 million dollars .She has experience working on a 14 million dollar public school fundraising project. We have currently developing Joint Venture Partnership for working together and doing business




Bass, Elfretta  

(DHS) Michigan Community Social worker.  BBC2C Joint Venture Partners Favored Enterprise LLC  Executive Management, ProfessionalCoach 

​  international importingConsultant , Adviser,  Coach​

is entrepreneur with experience in retail business and sales .She a designed of her own collection of creative art. She is an experience in international wholesales imports and global networking. Her experience as a community social worker provide us with information needed to services  local  metro Detroit communities , Mrs. Bass  brings a wealth of knowledge with  international wholesalers  and global networking She will assist  in the  training of international importing

(DHS) Michigan Community Social worker.  We have a Joint Venture Partners Favored Enterprise LLC



I Love  what I do 

Karen Woods   

 Writer/Editor~Human Resource Manager~Technology Professional

Toledo, Ohio Area

Writing and Editing


1. Freelance Editor and Writer

1.Assetware, Inc, 

2.Bowling Green State University, 

3.Libby Glass

Education Bowling Green State University

Writer and Editor - Putting the right words to work

I am your quality control advisor. I make sure that your message is clear, professional, and geared to your audience. I edit at all levels - from grammar and punctuation to rewording to clarify your message. To the Academics, I edit faculty journal articles, dissertations, and theses in APA, MLA, and Chicago

Phone 419-344-3544



 .Writer and Editor - Putting the right words to work.

 I am passionate about preparing youth for college via 


Keya Suluki    

 Writer/Editor Grant Project  Resource Manager~Professional lWriting and Editing

Detroit , Michigan  Area

Writing and Editing


1. Freelance Editor and Writer


1. Grant Writing , Inc, 


3. Youth College advisor

Education   University

 Writer and Editor - Putting the right words to work

Youth College  advisor. I would like to develop a non-profit organization to assist at-risk students in Detroit, Michigan.  I edit at all levels - from grammar and punctuation to rewording to clarify your message. To the Academics, I edit faculty journal articles, dissertations, and theses 

 Keiquan Blackmon: Is a Graphic Designer & MBA Leadership Graduate, Business Graduate Assistant 

 A Branding Coach 


Worked two years he was a  College, Resident Assistant and business Department Intern for Defiance College in Defiance Ohio Keiquan is a creative designer and branding expert with a passion for branding and typography, he loves think outside the box. He brings his ability to develop a brand identity through creative design and a message. As a recently MBA college graduate student he brings his knowledge in business leadership.  As a graduate assistant, he created and implemented education and social programs on the college campus.    


Creating a speaking platform for motivated introverts and thoughtful extroverts



confidence, influence and sales.



in the courtroom
in presentations
in meetings
while networking

Merri Bame helps you build your reputation, your sales, your client satisfaction and your efficiency. Break down the barriers to your speaking confidence!

419) 343-9299


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