Business Development Planning & Consulting  

Our Service List 

  • Business Coaching Consulting

  • Startup Consultations

  • Marketing Planning

  • Startup The Consultant

  • Business Funding 

  • Business Marketing 

  • Chat Bots

  • Website Development

  • Mobile  Apps Development 

  • Credit Card Processing

  • Reputation  Management

  • Telephone & Internet Services 


  • Google Listing 

  • Video Marketing 




  Small Business owners, Home-based, Start-up businesses, Entrepreneurs and anyone Who wants to Own a Business. 


 Empower Ordinary People to create extraordinary businesses (just like you?) and   have amazing Success Today -->>

Our mission is to assist YOU with reaching your goal of Financial Freedom and to help you live your best life.


 Empower people with the tools, resources, and strategies the will assist with Creating a Lifestyle of Freedom.

We are dedicated to the Success of a business product or service. Our network Provider’s and Business Builders Online membership offers ongoing training.


Our business goals are empowering individuals, non-profits, and business owners to become independent and be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. 


Please contact us if you are starting a new business, want to grow your current business, need business growth strategies or want to start a new business.

 The  Entrepreneur’s Business Online Cafe  A Menu of training and step by step instructions


We believe: 

You must become the change you want to see    Non - profit organizations   Future Plans                                             

Our future 

The  Online Cafe includes
The Entrepreneur’s Kitchen is a unique non-profit business training platform online , an incubator for social entrepreneurship,  and a business development center for innovation.  


We will Offer

The center will provide the training and resources needed to become successful business owners. Our goal is to mentor entrepreneurs, micro, and start small businesses owners, helping them achieve new levels of success.

We will offer training for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and companies in almost every industry, from online retail to manufacturing to professional services. The online Entrepreneur’s Kitchen is an ongoing business hub of learning labs. 


Social innovators

As social innovators, we make the most of the bottom line: training, strategy, people, community, money, profits, sales, marketing, accountability groups (mastermind groups), making  connections  with experts and peer-to-peer learning    We plan to affect the local community by providing you with a state-of-the-art online business-training center, and  business platform and resources that create businesses, jobs and income 



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